Next Appointments

  • The opera EDITH will debut on December 21 at the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa.

    Two of my albums are expected to be released in September, one containing five known songs and an unreleased duet with a great Italian artist, while the other is a collection of my classic pieces, wanted and produced by Donato Renzetti, one of the greatest conductors currently on the scene.

    Also scheduled for September is the release of an album by Katia Astarita produced by me; Katia will duet with artists such as Toquinho, Paulinho da Viola, Angelo Branduardi, Edmar Castaneda.

    The release of an autobiographical book edited by Gianfranco D’Amato is expected in September.

    ON 23 June, concert with Angelo Branduardi in London, at the National Gallery.

    Soon the release of the album CLASSIQUE, with my symphonic pieces.

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